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could be different.

Clear skin is still possible.


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Hello! I'm Loretta.


I have had acne-prone skin for a very long time. Decades. I don’t think that will ever change, but I’ve figured out how to care for my skin and I don’t worry so much about it anymore—no more buying product after product, hoping I’ve finally found the solution, no more concealer to hide blemishes, no more avoiding tank tops and swimsuits.

I was in the shower one day, 13 years ago, and scratched an itch. That's not an idiom, there's no hidden meaning. I literally just scratched my arm. In that moment, I realized my skin doesn’t exfoliate easily—it's very oily, makes sense—but can be exfoliated with some effort. And consistent effort to keep removing those layers keeps my skin clear. It’s that simple.

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