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Dead skin pile-up is happening everywhere!

It's autumn in the North Country. And just like maple leaves in my front yard, dead skin is piling up everywhere. In the past week, I helped three people with deep exfoliation.

1. An 81 year old woman

2. A year and a half old toddler

3. A man in his mid-40s

The older woman had an itchy back, right in the middle, between her shoulder blades. She was trying to use a back scratcher to reach the area but nothing seemed to work well enough for long enough.

I suggested she try soaking the area for 5 to 10 minutes and then scratching with her fingernails. She was resistant to this; her objection was that she wouldn't be able to reach the area.

She had had shoulder surgery and had limited range of motion with her arms, so I offered to scratch her back for her. She was shocked by the amount of dead skin I was able to remove from her back alone. And, sure enough, the itching eased up.

The toddler was next.

She was due for a long soak rather than a quick bath and she was loving a little extra time to splash and play in the water. While she was playing, I started gently scratching her back, and then her arms, legs, and belly. It was incredible how much dead skin was coming off after a short soak.

As she soaked longer, I scratched the same areas over again. She was loving it, and stayed very still at times, especially when I was scratching her back. After I dried her off, I used the towel to remove even more skin that was softened and loosened by soaking.

And the man? Third verse, same as the first ...two.

After a short 5-10 minute shower, the skin on his back was beginning to come off. I applied a little pressure while rubbing his skin with my fingertips. Layers of skin underneath were then soaked and softened. Even more skin came off by scratching with gentle pressure.

You might think dead skin pile-up depends on the frequency of bathing. The people I described above bathed at intervals ranging from daily showers to every 2-3 days. Shouldn't a daily shower should do the trick? But whether we shower daily, less often, or even MORE often, we all build up layers of dead skin–unless we’re focused on getting it off. One soak and removal of those first layers of skin is just the beginning!

Your healthy, clear skin is under there ... why not uncover it?

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