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If you’ve been struggling with acne for years, maybe even decades, and you feel like you’re out of options, there may be something you’re missing. You don’t need another product, a complicated skincare routine, or an extreme change in diet or lifestyle.

Uncover Clear Skin is a short guide that gives you the 5 simple steps that I have used (for decades) to clear my acne-prone skin …and keep it clear. It’s purposely brief and focused on getting you from information to implementation to results as quickly as possible.

For less than the cost of your next acne product or make-up purchase—you know, the products you use to treat and prevent acne and then the makeup you use to cover up your acne because the treatment didn’t work—you could find out if you’ve missed a crucial step in your skin care that will make all the difference. You just might uncover your clear skin.

Some words of caution …this guide is NOT for you if:

  • You think an effective skincare process must be complicated and involve products or medical treatments, an impossibly healthy diet, and a stress-free lifestyle
  • You are afraid to get your hands dirty (you think you must have a cloth, loofah, or scrubber in your hand for cleansing or exfoliation)
  • You think a skincare method must be gentle and involve products that smell like roses
  • You need a long, complicated book full of scientific and medical references (I fought this too; I have a PhD in biomedical science, so long, complicated, and over-referenced is my default)

On the other hand, this guide IS for you if:

  • You’re focused on finding the info you need to implement and get results quickly
  • You are open to trying something a bit different, because the standard skincare methods haven’t worked for you
  • You're tired of complicated advice that involves so many products and lifestyle changes that it sets you up to fail
  • You find quick and simple to be refreshing because you don’t want a book to read, you want a process that works and the relaxed confidence you’ll feel when you aren’t worried about your skin anymore …finally


Learn more at

Uncover Clear Skin - PDF Download

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